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Project Team Current Projects

Frank Mitloehner Frank Mitloehner
Principle Investigator
Assoc Prof and Specialist
Dept of Animal Science
Phone: (530) 752-3936
Fax: (530) 752-0175

Air quality research related to livestock production, especially quantification of ammonia, dust, and odor emissions in dairies, beef feedlots, and poultry operations. Main objective is to help establish environmentally benign livestock systems.

Environmental physiology research, focusing on effects of air emissions on animal health and welfare.

Marc Schenker Marc Schenker, MD, MPH
Co-Project Leader
Dept of Public Health Sci
UCD School of Medicine

Phone: (530) 752-5676
Fax: (530) 752-3239

- Environmental and occupational risk factors for respiratory disease and lung cancer
- Health hazards or agricultural exposures especially respiratory and pesticide risks
- Occupational reproductive hazards
- Health of farm workers, immigration and acculturation
- International issues in occupational and environmental health

Debbie Bennett Deborah Bennett, PhD

Assistant Professor
Env and Occ Health
Dept of Public Health Sci
UCD School of Medicine

Phone: (530) 754-8282

- Assessing Human Exposure to Hazardous Air Pollutants (PI):  International Society of Exposure Assessment
- Indoor Pesticide Modeling (Co PI):  EPA/Battelle/EH&E
- Assessing human exposure to hazardous air pollutants in various microenvironements (PI):  American Chemistry Council
- Methods Development for Exposure-Related Behaviors:  US Environmental Protection Agency

vogel Christoph Vogel, PhD
Asst Professor Researcher
Dept of Env Toxicology

Phone: (530) 752-1337

Dr. Vogel has conducted research in the area of molecular biology and toxicology. The main areas of his research are the structure and function of receptors for xenobiotics and molecular mechanisms of inflammatory gene expression. His specific focus is on inflammation-associated chronic diseases (for example, cardiovascular diseases) and carcinogenesis mediated by environmental pollutants such as dioxins and airborne particles. He will analyze the toxicity of particle samples collected on various dairy farms based on their inflammatory response elicited in a human macrophage model.

vogel Diane Mitchell, PhD
Project Manager

Staff Research Associate
Dept of Public Health Sci
UCD School of Medicine

Phone: (530) 752-1810

Associated with WCAHS since 2002 as project coordinator for the UC Davis Farmer Health Study. Diane managed all aspects of the projects, including scientific decision making. Her duties included participation and coordination of the design of the study, development of study instruments, infield health sampling, data collection, management and analysis.

  Keith Jose
Programmer Analyst
Systems Programmer
UCD School of Medicine

Phone: (530) 752-8055

Keith develops and recommends hardware and software solutions to meet departmental and research needs. In addition, he sets up, configures, and maintains networks, firewalls, and general security protocols.

  Johnny Garcia
Graduate Student Researcher
Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry Graduate Group

Johnny’s advisor is Dr. Bennett. His role on the study is the collection and analysis of air samples through the use of personal and area samples and performing exposure management.

vogel Chelsea Eastman
Graduate Student Researcher
Grad Group in Epidemiology

Chelsea’s major professor is Dr. Schenker. Her main role in the study is questionnaire development and pulmonary function testing.

vogel Rona Silva
Junior Specialist
Dept of Animal Sciences

Rona is a junior specialist training with Dr. Mitloehner. Her main role in the study is as an exposure specialist

vogel Veronica Arteaga
Junior Specialist
Dept of Animal Sciences

Veronica is a Junior Specialist with Dr. Mitloehner. She is working with both health and exposure aspects of the Cal-DEHRI study.

vogel Rebecca Gallo
Student Research Assistant

Rebecca is a third-year undergraduate student in sociology.  Her major roles include the translation of materials into Spanish, interviewing participants, and assisting with exposure assessment.




The Cal-Dehri Study is a collaboration between University of California, Davis departments of Animal Science and Public Health Science, and Colorado State University and is funded by a grant from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (2006-2011) Reproduction of material on this web site is hereby granted solely for personal use. No other use of this material is authorized without prior written approval ofthe UC Regents.

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